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Originally Posted by Mr. Bananagrabber
hmm, i don't agree with this. I don't think his blast beats are weak, I think he just has a better grasp of dynamics than most metal drummers.
Also, I have a feeling he co-founded DEP with Ben W (guitarist) but i could be wrong.
He was the co-founder of DEP as you said. But, i don't think it matters if he can do blast beats at all. His drumming sets him apart from other metal/hardcore/thrash/whatever drummers because he doesn't use traditional techniques. He incoporates styles from other genres, such as jazz and latin, that wouldn't expect to see in a metal band and he does it extremely well. That's why he's one of my favorite drummers. He doesn't pigeonhole himself into playing just one style of music because that's the genre he's in. That's what seperates a good drummer from a great drummer imo.
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