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DogBreath, I wish I'd seen your post sooner. I'm a fan of the Marriage of Figaro ever since I had to learn some of the repetoire a few years ago when I was taking classical singing lessons. Some of the music is just phenomenal. My singing teacher took me specially into the head office at the Royal Academy of Music to see the table on which Mozart wrote the entire opera. It's a beautiful table, with a layer of glass over the top; because somebody had decided to put their cup of tea on it! I felt like I was stepping back and I could imagine Mozart writing the opera by candlelight.

I think, to say the least, you would have found that interesting. The music is just so rich and diverse, the story, witty and comedic and the characters deep and mischevious. There's such humour in the work and such virtuoisity. In performance (except for mine) and in creation.
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