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neil is an incredible drummer, especially for what he does, the new RUSH replay DVD just got out, i bought it and i loved every second of it... on the "show of hands" dvd he kept at least 35000 people clapping along to him....thats the dream isnt it? thats what every drummer wants to do? neil has lived the dream of every drummer to come before him or after him. granted neil isnt the best funk, or jazz or latin drummer, but he arguably MADE modern rock drumming for years. SOO many greats have been inspired by him, and continue to be inspired. even now at the age of 57 hes making new grooves and new licks that i, or alot of people cant even fathom playing. yet he has always been very humble about it, i read the things he writes up on his website ( and he described going to see roy hanes in concert, with freddie gruber, and greg bissonette, and he honestly said he was humbled to be nest to so many great drummers. even after beign a fore-running star of the Art of drumming for 30 years, he still gets inspired when he sees new drummers, and is practising latin grooves, and such, and i dont doubt that rush's next album will have some amazing licks, and cool grooves many of us will be trying to learn. if you listen to the old stuff with the crazy time signatures and massive fills, and exotic percussion, youll see how meticulously orchestrated all of it is, if you listen to his new stuff, youll heat great foot coordination, and some double bass fills he wouldnt of dremaed of 25 years ago...
rant over...

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