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Originally Posted by Mr. Bananagrabber
hmm, i don't agree with this. I don't think his blast beats are weak, I think he just has a better grasp of dynamics than most metal drummers.
Also, I have a feeling he co-founded DEP with Ben W (guitarist) but i could be wrong.

check thier first album, no blasts. calculatung infinity, weak bomb blasts, mostly what hes doing is thrash, albiet really,really technical. the stuff after im sure he got alot better, im mostly refering to those first two albums<im most familiar with those>

i just had a feeling he was, for that duration, a little behind the learning curve of playing grind style music<late 90s to 2000>, but lightyears ahead with being technical, playing rediculously off time stuff, playing double kick etc. and i think that ability came from studying up on completely unrelated genres. when calculating infinity was released, noone including the locust were doing anything even remotely similiar. that was a milestone seminal album for its time<2000, i think>i can only think of meshugah,melt banana,orchid of having drummers so unorthodox at that time but nowhere near as fast and refined. the first time i heard that album i couldnt believe my ears and i think most people hadnt heard anything like it.

its just an observation, i could be wrong so im not really disagreeing at all, just clarifying my point
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