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Originally Posted by low-tech
hearing calculating infinity you can tell his blastbeats are a bit weak, which is not really criticism, but indicates to me judging from his blasts as compared to everything else that his background in learning drums was not primarily metal or hardcore.

so i think most of his unique playing has to do with him looking from outside the box, in a sense. i bet he started liking fusion and jazz music then later joined dillinger when it was an ordinary hardcore band. then that band allowed him to really apply that other source of learning.

this is just a theory.

definately one of my favorite drummers
hmm, i don't agree with this. I don't think his blast beats are weak, I think he just has a better grasp of dynamics than most metal drummers.
Also, I have a feeling he co-founded DEP with Ben W (guitarist) but i could be wrong.
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