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Is there any other drummer in the world that can play such complicated but completely perfect in every other way beats like Carter Beauford can?
Whats more though, hes not jsut a drummer, the guy plays precussion like a seperate percussionist too! Plus hes super cool, always happy whilst playing live and is jsut one of the coolest most chilled looking blokes on the planet.
I have looked through a lot of the drummers on this massive site and still havent come across anthing like carter. He is jsut superb, amazing, brilliant, stunning! Never seen anything like it. My fav drummer, even beats Jojo Mayer and Bonzo.
Im trying to get my left hand to work as independantly and as well co-ordianted as my right hand and then maybe one day Ill be able to play a litte like carters style.
Fingers crossed but im not gonan hold my breath.
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