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hey all my carter fans out there. just glad to see this thread going. Im one of the biggest carter fans you will ever find. i just had the pleasure of getting to see them live (for my first time) up in pitttsburg the saturday night show. words cant describe it. in my 20 years of living i have done nothing better than to to witness this band play live and especially watch carter do his thang. of course they played my all time favorite Two Step asthe final song of the night, 20 minutes of pure magic ( a dream of mine is to play this song with the band ) and then one i hadnt heard before the American Baby intro. it was incredible. i enjoyed the show so much that i dropped 500 dollars more for better seats for their august 1 show, CANT WAIT. i think im gonna make a sign that says "Carter I need lessons!" who knows maybe something will work out. As long as Carter is around i say long live great drumming.

peace easy!
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