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NAME: Thomas Lang: Creative Control

STAR RATING: # # # or # # # # or # # # # # depending on what you expect

WORDED RATING: Very well done, interesting topics, but overall too many things that are not interesting for 90% of all drummers (Multi Pedal Orchestrations, Twin Effect...).

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everybody who wants to get really frustrated or likes LONG Drumsolos. Seriously: VERY far advanced drummers who need to get some new ideas or everybody else who wants to see "how its done".

PUBLISHED BY: Hudson Music

DESCRIPTION: This double DVD by drumming super hero Thomas Lang comes along with many usefull PDF Files and even some Files that can be Looped in order to play along with them. It is not his first DVD and therefore wasnīt made for beginners - everything that is coverd is pretty far advanced and takes a long time to practise. For people who want to get a detailed description of what Thomas does, this DVD is perfect. Sadly, there is also a lot of stuff that is completely nonsense since it only displays, what Thomas is capabale of doing on the set. I find this pretty pointless, also because drummers who are on a level on which they are able to perform this kind of stuff, they actually donīt need this DVD any more. I saw a clinic with Thomas on which he didnīt solo and only talked about timing and groove. That was absoultely brilliant - maybe that was what I expected from ths DVD and sadly it doesnīt deliver this.
I also donīt like the songs he plays and neither do I like his solo in the end. It is just very much showing off (and i guess everybody knows allready what a great player Thomas is...)

On the positive side, there is a wonderfull chapter on Sticktricks and Showmanship - the best I have ever seen. It is amazing and helpfull, since this stuff is pretty basic and can be applied by many drummers in their own way. Also Thomas is a very charismatic and nice person and it is fun to listen to him talk with that funny accent like Schwarzenegger.

A nice DVD, very well produced with a little too much unnecassary showing off stuff.
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