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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by neilpscuz
Buddy Rich set a level for every drummer!!!when someone like Neil Peart does a cd like Burning for Buddy,we should all sit up and take notice.I ve heard a story that one time Buddy broke a spring on his bd pedal while soloing, and still managed to play 64th notes on it!!!his band (Buddy)played at my moms after prom party,(i am 42,you do the math)Buddy was hard on folks,but harder yet on himself!!started performing at age 2(traps the boy wonder)Buddy suffered no fools,and yet when being rushed to a hospital during a heart attack,a nurse asked him if he had any allergies, he replied"country music!"Steve Smith plays with Buddys buddies,(former members of Richs band),this should speak volumes,to anyone who thinks Buddy wasn't all that.he was all that and so very much more!!!!
Ya he set a level alright! thats almost impossible to reach
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