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Originally Posted by figure_02
I dont care if it was Buddy Rich who said it, it was pretty dumb, and the fact that he is a professional/well known drummer makes it even worse.
Buddy woulda probably said something about Portnoy not even being fit to shine his shoes.... but then again Buddy wasn't always warm and fuzzy..

I'm not sure why everybody's got their hackles up over Joe's comment. If he had flamed somebody on the forum who posted a clip for feedback/comments - then yes, that kind of dismissive remark would be out of line, but Portnoy's not in that camp. He's not an aspiring drummer - he's already one of the big boys and as such, I think he can take the heat... I mean seriously, does anybody think Mike is sitting at home in a funk, unable to get out of bed thinking about giving up music because of Joe's comment???

I'd rather know how the heavyweights honestly feel about each other's styles and music than not get anything just because 'if you can't say something nice, it's better to say nothing...". Joe's comment let me know beyond any doubt that doesn't like that style of music/drumming (and he thinks MP's ove) - he's not alone...
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