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Originally Posted by figure_02
Sure, I wouldnt have cared to say this if he had argued his point politely, but "The only thing I can say about Portnoy is that he had really cool shoes" isnt really what I call to argue politely, it's just a pretty stupid and shallow comment.
I thought it was reasonable enough. Joe is a pretty straight-up guy and he speaks his mind. It's nice to have him around because of that - you know when he says something that he means it. So he doesn't like Dream Theater or Portnoy's playing and he said so in a pretty blunt manner. Is that a big deal? He didn't say "Portnoy was a load of crap" or anything like that. He just implied that the only thing he could talk positively about from that concert is Mike's shoes - i.e, nothing musical whatsoever. If that's his opinion then I don't think many here are qualified to tell Joe he's objectively wrong on that.
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