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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Well, you could always PM and ask. But I don't think he really needs to explain himself, Portnoy's style is most certainly one which has a lot about it that people might not enjoy. I personally don't - I don't really like the way he phrases in odd meters and I find his playing rather lacking in subtlety or articulation. I've also studied with people - notably a really great bassist, whose name I won't bring into the conversation - who've said similar things to what Joe said about DT in concert.

It's fair enough to disagree and say that you enjoy what Portnoy does, and that he's one of the most influential rock drummers of the last decade. Those are pretty obviously both true. But I don't think any of you are in any position to make assumptions about other people's playing or knowledge of the drums just because they don't like Portnoy. There's an awful lot to love about the drums that Mike quite simply never approaches, so if you're more of an Elvin Jones or Bernard Purdie guy than a Neil Peart one then I can quite understand not seeing the appeal of Portnoy and DT.
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