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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I was born into the first family of music, the Carter Family. I guess what made me decide on drums first was my Dad's Sister's Husband on the Meazell side, Uncle Robert (Bob) Taylor was a big band drummer. He was with Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller and that crowd. On the other hand there was Lucky Larue Hendley, and Maw And Paw Carter and their children and grandchildren, my cousins, who were into country music. Then at 3 years old, about the time I started playing drums, a traveling music show forever changed my life. Back then it was not a concert it was a Show. A young kid and his band came to town to put on a show and everyone wanted to go see him. My Dad, Mom and Aunt Billie took me. I was so impressed that after the show I wanted to meet him. They took me to the dressing room door and the security let me in, after all I was only 3. He was very cordial and set me on his knee and visited and talked to me for over an hour. That night I came to call this kid friend. We parted and went separate ways. We wouldn't see each other again for almost 30 years. Yes that night I called this nice young man friend, the world would come to call him Elvis. So there were several elements that came into play that made me become a drummer. It was exposure to all types of music from all directions that would make my musical taste diverse. I did not choose to become a drummer, it choose me! I would go on to play guitar and write over 300 songs to date and run up and down the hiways with Alabama, and call Willie Nelson, Jan Michel Vincent and many other Stars and playmates friend. But I eventually went back to my roots and became a Hard Rock/ Southern Rock,/ Country and Blues drummer again. My Parents and Uncle Bob and Aunt Joy hung out togather every weekend for my entire childhood. I used to spend every weekend at thier house praticing on uncle Bob's drums. He was my first teacher, along with Gene Kupa, and Sandy Nelson. I learned a lot from those guys. They were all showmen and Gene Kupa was the worlds first real Super Star Drummer as well as a showman.
Danny Meazell
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