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Alex Van Halen is a champion!!! He's one of the ol' time greatest rock drummers. I think one way to describe his drumming would simply be "Cool"! The guy was a solid drummer and his style of drumming suited the type of music being played perfectly.

I love all the albums from Van Halen 1 right up to OU812 preferably and those albums are ageing like fine wine. I've been a fan of Alex since I was a kid in the early 80's and I'm just as big a fan now. I've shown heaps of dudes the "Live Without a Net" video (thank God it's on DVD now!) over the years and blown them away at the sheer power of that concert and the awesome vibe it generates. The guys are having such a good time and they convey that feeling to the audience and to the viewer!! It never fails to amaze me at how entertaining they are and the audience is just captivated........

Of course it helps to have a powerful stereo with very powerful bassy speakers so you can blow your friends ear drums off as they soak up an awesome, entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable audio & visual experience. Sammy Hagar's singing in that concert is incredible. I'm waiting for a live Van Halen DVD with Dave Lee Roth fronting the band in a well recorded concert from the early 80's.

I guess I'm lucky that I can appreciate both singers!

Enjoy Alex's beats.... the dude ROCKS!!!!!!!
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