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Default Re: The Reverend

Originally Posted by komodo
Think ive discoverd the kit he uses,woo.For those who are interested: Dw Maple Collectors Series Drums, Black to Red Burst; 18x22" Bass; 7x8', 8x10", 9x12", 11x14", and 13x16" Toms (7x8' Tom not used live) 5x14" Pork Pie Snare Black DW Hardware and Pedals Sabian Cymbals (nt sure which yet) Pro Mark Sticks. This may not be 100%reliable obviously.

One more thing....A7X rule!!!

I think you might be a little off on some of this stuff. He plays a PDP LXE series kit with all maple shells. The color is a charcoal fade. 18x22 bass, 5x14 snare, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 7x8, and 14x16 toms. He uses TX5BW promark sticks. And im not sure of his cymbal set up.
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