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Hey all, I'm so glad there are so many out there who know that Ian Paice is a legend in his own time and was already legendary whilst playing that awesome Ludwig kit way back then. Man.... I reckon I'd be one of the happiest guys in the world if I could clone that kit straight out of 1972!!! I have to say I have been listening to Ian Paice since I was a young boy and I have never turned back since! I have many drum influences which include John Bonham, percussionists from Santana, Carl Palmer etc but Ian Paice has and always will be my biggest inspiration and heaviest influence and I'm proud of it.

My favourite drumming by Paice was when he was using that old classic Ludwig, how can you go past "In Rock", "Fireball", "Machine Head", "Made In Japan", "Who Do We Think We Are", "Burn" & Stormbringer etc etc.........

The Triple Disc version of "Made In Japan" which is titled "Live In Japan" is one of my personal favourites featuring 3 gigs they performed in Japan. I suggest for all you hardcore Ian Paice fans (I'm sure most of you have it anyway) to listen to the sick drumming on Disc 3's version of "Space Truckin'" which in my opinion is equally as good as the version chosen for the original "Space Truckin'" released on "Made In Japan".
This version was ommited because apparently Ian Gillan had a cold so his voice was a bit raspy but I think the singing on the Disc 3 version is sicker aswell. It was their last night in Japan and he sings his guts out aswell as everyone jamming their asses off!!!!!

And while you're at it, have another listen to the fills in "Highball Shooter" from the "Stormbringer" eh!! What a SnareMaster!

Paice is the man!!!
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