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I had the pleasure of meeting the Great One when he visited England back in the early 1960s and have shaken the hand of God. At the time I was an aspiring jazz drummer and had high hopes of being even better. I attended one of Joe's clinics and watched every stroke played, heard every beat, hung on every word. I went away and knew in my heart of hearts that I would never aspire to be the great jazz drummer that I wanted to be. I went off and played in a Rock band for 15 years as well as just gigging around with various bands where and when I could. I tried to incorporate in my playing some of the tecniques that I had absorbed from watching and listening to Joe. Whenever I was talking to the audience who wanted to chat after each session I would tell them about Joe. I hope that I have been a good disciple for Joe over all these years. Sadly, I no longer play due to severe arthritis but this has not stopped my listening to Joe. The hairs on the back of my neck rise and my spine tingles as soon as I hear the opening bars of Take Five - I know what is coming! I have bored people over the years so much so that my nickname at time is Takefive!
Thanks for reading some of my thoughts - if only I could turn back the clock - we all say that though.
btw. I have in my collection a pair of sticks used by Joe - no, they are not for sale.....!
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