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In my youth - I was a total jazz/classical snob (well the truth is that I listened to a lot more fusion than true 'jazz' at that point), BUT - The Who was about the only rock band that I listened to, causing me to catch total hell from my other musician friends who shared my disdain for such simplistic, cretinous drudge... ahh - the hubris of youth...

anyway - Keith has always fascinated me, both his playing and the total insanity that was his life. It amazes me to this day that watching a clip of him playing, it's always like there's a disconnect between the visual image and the sound - I can never quite figure out what the hell he's doing by watching him - it's totally bizarre and I can't think of any other drummer who does this, watching anyone else, the visual and audio images fit together logically.

but for anyone with doubts about Keith's cred, there's a story about Elvin Jones in the 60's(, where someone played songs of the big hot 'rockers' (in a blind test) and his description of Keith was simply - The man is a drummer." - nuff said.
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