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Originally Posted by pudgytheclown
you all have great things to say but i personally believe that joey does have many great talents he has a fast foot (which by the way he uses a dualist aka a double single pedal) his band has some good songs (i used to be a huge fan but then again i used to like linkin park, there drummer sucks a-hole) i think about four of slipknots members should be killed off, including the two extra percussionists and the dj and the sound effects guy. so that all drummers if you want to e-mail me it's or im pudgytheclown peace

uses a dualist! Lies! he uses pearl eliminator or tama iron cobra! have you not seen disasterpeices or any other video of joey playing for that matter. i'm sorry for having a complete outburst but, this is like that thread that some newb posted about joey using some sort of bicycle mechanism to achieve his double bass.

okay, i'll agree, joey is slightly overated, but that does not mean he connat play as well as he does, and acheive the speed on his feet that he does. i've said it once and i'll say it again, he is by no means the best metal drummer, but he is pretty dam good and definately one of the best, and is definately my favourite. there is a difference between saying someone is the best at something, and saying that they are your favourite, they don't mean the same thing.

outburst over. peace out.

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