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Originally Posted by jazzgregg
Jesper played on it?! Wow, I know a fair bit about you Danes too, but I NEVER knew he played! It was a really nice and quiet take of a pretty tune for sure. You don;t have a duo version of it, do you? I'd love to hear that as well!
You know, techically it IS a duo version - with only the two of us playing! But I guess you mean with bass and drums only? Or guitar and drums? Well, I'm afraid the version you've heard is all I've got.

The Paiste Dark Energies are good, I think. I don't have any (I only have Traditionals) but I've played a few. So they're a cross between the Signature series and the Traditionals, so they say. They're dark and dirty sounding with a bit of trashiness, at least the ones I tried were (I only tried rides-20" ones). The 'Mark I's are lighter and darker and I prefer those.
Thanks for that description. I'll make sure to try them out sometime ...

Still, you guys with all those old 602's and Sound Creation's have it made (by the way, send any old cymbals you don't want this way!=)
Sure! How many would you like?
Naaa ... can't give away my (and Bernhard's!) babies ... too precioussssssssssss

I checked out the Cowbell Music site, but aside from the graphics, I couldn't read it...I DID manage to see some profiles on you guys and some discographies, looks like a comprehensive label (from what I can tell which admittedly, isn't much!)
I'll tell them that they should get the site done in an English version as well. Yeah, it's a great little label .. growing bigger for every week.
As for the Canadian festivals - I've just pm'ed you about that!

Hey and thanks for posting that Bill Evans clip with me. So fun to watch again (However, the link you posted doesn't work anymore as there's another clip on that Bill Evans Site now ... the clip with me is still on YouTube though).

Best wishes

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