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Originally Posted by infernal drummer
lol the sound seem to dissapear from his toms at the end of the song . great fun they must have .. fun to watch . great band

does anyone have anything live we can see, using his big kit? 77-78
The sound isn't synched up with the video that's why! I have that video and that clip is one of my most wathced. Along with A Quick One and Shout and Shimmy from TKAA. And of course the Live at the Isle of Wight DVD. If you want to see amazing drumming, watch that short clip of Shout and Shimmy. NOBODY was doing that back then. And I think he was all of 17. Anyone who can say that Moon is not one of the best or the best must not know much about him or his playing or his influence on other drummers. It's sad to me that his manic behavior overshadows his playing. Too bad that's the first thing most people think of.
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