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Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex
i luv playing to lido shuffle! =) playing along to any song on the "silk degrees" album is so much fun =D.

Some of my favorite Jeff Porcaro grooves ever:

"Calling Elvis" (Dire Straits)
"The Bug" (Dire Straits)
"That's Why", "I keep forgettin'" (Michael McDonald)
"Gaucho" (Steely Dan)
"Another Time; Another Place" (Sandi Patti)

These are just a few of my favorite grooves Jeff ever played.
But the one lately that's become an earworm ("stuck in my head for the entire day") is "Mushanga".

That groove----is just monsterous!
Never will there be another guy exactly like him. Is there any wonder he's missed, still?
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