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Originally Posted by HardRockDrummer
audioslave's so much better than all the $hi+ that's out there. i'm tired of emo, death metal and pop of today and audioslave's bringing back the good old grooves and riffs with new materials and ideas. it's a shame not many people know them as much as Green Day or Foo Fighters.
Tom Morello has to be the most original guitarist since Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.
Chris Cornell is the best vocalist alive today. he has the best voice ever, whether he's screaming his guts out or singing ballads.

enough with my obsession with audislave, let's talk about brad wilk:
Brad Wilk is a very underrated and inspirational drummer. he grooves so well with Tim Commerford on all of the songs i know. he's funky and rocky like Chad Smith (who is also one of my favourite drummers as well), and back up the music perfectly. he can do cool stuff on his kit, as i found out when i went to their concert. he's got chops, i can tell you.

wow, so zack is stille alive and well!
finnhiggins, why do you not like audioslave and later pearl jam/wellwater conspiracy/chris cornell work?
you said it HardRockDrummer, Brad is very underrated.
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