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Steve Gadd is awesome, to see him play is inspiring, even for a metalhead like me. It's important not to be narrow minded in our approach to the music we play, taking influences from all style and genres. YET, I still have friends in other bands that have never heard him behind his kit, let alone know who he is.
Though I play in a metal band and don't get too many solo's. When I do, I always revert to a subtler style. I can beat my drums to death with the best of them but there's no craft in that, thats where Gadd comes into it. Watching "greats" like Gadd, Copeland, etc... Has opened my mind, ears and hands, to a far more challenging and rewarding way to play.
Many thanx to the drummer who changed the way I hear and play music, no matter what genre it may be.
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