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Originally Posted by aegir77
this guy is the greatest for me. The way he plays and uses his technique and how he has improved sice the first album of tool to the last. And how he plays in the band Volto! ( seen them live,, wow)
His playing is based a lot on the feelin, a more emotional way of drumming. He can take his mind to a unique place and he can intepret his ideas and thoughts to us, as well as he can cause a reaction on every one of us drummers or musicians.
How his drumset is placed percectly with a mathematician, followin the "circle theory" mixed with the "golden proportion" mixed with a theory called " the theory of the equator".
He has no boundaries, he is really creative .
He has been a great inspiration, at least for me.
post your thoughts on this fella
I absolutely agree, he has progressed my playing more than any other person could even dream to.
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