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Originally Posted by Buddha
I'm not arguing his resume, his ability to back a band or his ability to play with energy and power. I admit that I havent watched or listend to as much of Vinnie playing as most of you, but i've listened enough to get some kind of understanding of what his solo's are like, which I was critisizing.


Regardless of your criticism of Vinnie's playing, you made yourself look like an ass by criticizing the people cheering for Vinnie in the video clip, assuming they must have no musical knowledge because they only cheered for Vinnie. Ignoring the obvious impossibility that you might know EVERYBODY who was cheering in that audience (and even, know them well enough to know how deep their understanding of music is), you still go so far as to impose your own assumptions as to why they were cheering. Taste is taste, and we all like and dislike things for our own reasons. Some people probably dug the speed, others may have liked his phrasing, who knows? You can't dismiss those cheering fans as ignorant because they didn't cheer OUT LOUD when YOU thought they should have. Also, you have no clue what was going on in their heads, so how could you possibly know whether or not they were appreciating Gadd's and Weckl's performances?
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