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Originally Posted by the skin man
Here's what the bassist in this band that I'm playing said after watching part three of the video:

That was the most boring, gay and retarded thing I've ever seen.

Though I do dig the use of the buddy rich grip.

What a weirdo.
LMAO -this is something i've come across with non drummers experiencing Vinnie; inevitably they don't dig it, whereas a performance by Buddy Rich, Keith Moon or (this smarts) Joey Jordison gets the eyes lighting up. This is an interesting thing - is it that the listener needs to have attained a level of rhythmic ability and drum technique to understaand and appreciate it, or is it simply that Vinnie's soloing is too esoteric and unmusical? ( sorely doubt the latter). Maybe it's that more often than not, those that love and appreciate vinnie's solos the most are those with more technical and musical understanding and experience; i remember thinking Chad Smith's playing was the donnest - years down the line i can't imagine anyone being able to put together a more dynamic slick and satisfying solo than Vinnie.
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