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Originally Posted by Symbolic
Just because a band is big doesnt mean the musicians are talented. Look at the Rolling Stones, they have been around for 40 years and still suck at playing their instruments. They are popular because they followed the mold of how to get a hit song, and because kids attached to them to rebel against their parents. I am not saying the Joey isnt talented, he is but the clown dude and the other percussionist are just there to layer the sound, nothing else. But are they needed, no. Could Slipknot have the same sound without them, yes.

I think that real metalheads dislike Slipknot more than people who dont like metal to begin with because Slipknot has alot of fans who go around thinking Slipknot are the fastest/heaviest/brutalist metal band around and wont even recognize other metal bands than Slipknot, Metallica, Trivium etc.
Symbolic, I agree with KornSlipknot, okay, Chris and shawn arn't the most talented guys in the band, but they do have a suprising impact on Slipknot's sound, it might not be hugley noticable, but without it, Slipknot really would not be the same.

Also what you say about metalheads who like slipknot only recognise them as a good metal band, not entirely true, again true there will be newbs who will think like that, but not true for all metalheads who like slipknot, just look at KornSlipknot's member name, "Korn Slipknot" both metal bands to a certain extent, but in completely different leagues at the same time, it symbolises a wide range of musical taste, I myself, love slipknot, they are my favourite band and got me into metal, but since i have found other bands and recognise them as great metal bands, there are even bands i like who arn't even metal, even goldie lookin chain! I don't single one band out.

Joey is a very talented drummer, not neccesarily the best, but he is easily one of the best.

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