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Where to begin with Vinnie? Seriously, this guy's resume reads like a novelette!
The first time I heard Vinnie was when I saw tape 2 from the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship concert. The drum battle was indeed excellent. That video was one of the most important things in my development. The really compelling thing was the sound of Vinnie's drums; they were really tight. The toms almost had a wet, slap sound to them.
2 words: Joe's Garage. That's all that needs to be said, and drummers all over understand. But in the spirit of message boards, I'll kiss Vinnie's butt, but try to keep it brief.
Joe's garage, to me, was the epitome of a drummer's album. An equal amount of crazy soloing and sexy grooving cemented Vinnie's place in my list of favorites. I really loved the odd-time breakdown in "Catholic Girls", the drum/xylophone duet in "Fembot in a wet tshirt", the groove in "Token of my extreme", and of course the whole "Keep it Greasey".

Oh, the footage from the baked potato, on this website, is insane! but the cymbals are really piercing. Still, it rocked.
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