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Default Steve Gadd

What can be said about the master that hasn't? Not much. No introduction necessary. One of the most recorded and influential drummers of all time. Even Buddy Rich praised him among drummers as "elevating the art" and having taste. That is a big thing from Buddy.

Maybe I can express how I feel watching his performances,... other than inadequate ;)

Watching Steve’s fluid pocket grooves is a very mesmerizing thing. Every note seems to serve the music, and have a life of it's own. He has more shades and details to punctuate his playing than anyone I have ever seen.

Neil Peart commented at how dead Steve’s drums sounded during a "Burning for buddy" sound check. Pin stripe heads (which many people hate) and loose tuning. Neal went on to say "But when Steve plays these things, he makes music!"

Steve’s soul is obvious as you watch his concentration and body language. It's like a Kung-fu form flowing from note to note. There just the right placement and emphasis on each component.

He is a rare cat. He is a singers drummer. He is a Musicians drummer. And he is a drummers drummer.

Listening to his playing moves you to the core. I can't even imaging having the range of skills he has from sight reading, to pocket playing and his always-in-demand musical innovation. And he has done all of this on a 6 piece kit with a few cymbals, and a lot of thought.

Go ahead...put on Paul Simons's "Late in the evening" and tell me that Steve Gadd didn't MAKE that tune work. It's all about the groove.

I hope I can see "Mission from Gadd 2."
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