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Symbolic, I dare to oppose. When you're around for 40 years, and still appealing to even the younger audience well then I think the Stones DO know how to play their instruments + know how to make a hit song....but this is not the right thread.

But you got a point saying slipknot fans think they are the fastest,...and so on...
Well for all those and the ones who think morbid angel is brutal: listen VADER , not to mention NILE or CRYPTOPSY.
Now i donno which one is the fastest of them all, but the speed these last three guys do the albums: well honeslty: never heard before.
Brutality to the core, hyperagressive, hypertechinical, superhumanhyperspeed. 'specially crypotsy's "AND THEN YOU'LL BEG" album
Not into metal anymore now sold most of my cd's but the ones i liked best and the ones with the nices drumwork on i kept. Wel the cd's from these three warmachines i kept. And plz check out Thén lets talk :-)

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