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Originally Posted by Philly Joe

At the "download(stream)free jazz\rock fusion mp3" section listen to "Brand X (unorthodox behaviour 1976)Nuclear Burn" to hear some of Collins fusion playing.
ah, you beat me to the punch!

nuclear burn is one of the most killing tunes (overall, not just the drums) ever made. brand x was a great band, and phil is astonishing on those albums. blazingly fast, and extremely creative playing. i liked his stuff with genesis, and much of his solo stuff, too, but imho, brand x is where he really shines.

i checked him out several years back at carnegie hall [or radio city? can't remember now], doing the big band thing, and was pretty disappointed. i expected him to really throw down, but it was more of a yuppie gig to help promote a new discover card. the music was all very tame rehashings of genesis and solo phil stuff, and the whole event had no energy whatsoever. a huge waste of 80 clams. i know phil can propell a big band, so i definitely felt gypped.
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