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duke, i hear ya on the 'energy' front, but what impresses me about riley is his overall technique, cleanliness, taste, vocabulary and subtlety. he still plays with the vanguard orchestra here on most monday nites, which is cool to be able to see. he definitely kicks it up a notch at key points.

i checked out a really cool pasic clinic with him several years back, in which he analyzed the playing style of tain watts. he broke down a lot of what tain was doing, and demonstrated some of the approaches he [tain] took, and his use of metric modulation. it was very interesting, and while i couldn't mimic what he did, it was cool to have someone break down more complex ideas.

i'm actually starting lessons with him next week. more to supplement what i'm doing while my regular teach is in europe gigging. my goal is to really immerse myself in jazz playing and come out with a strong foundation so that i can incorporate those concepts into my playing overall. i've been working like a crazylady just getting my jazz ride solid and uptempo.

it's gonna be exciting. and very expensive.
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