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Default Re: Tony Royster Jr.

I've got a lot of respect for what Bernhard has done here with Drummerworld, but just because it's an awesome site doesn't mean you can expect the pro drummers of the world to line up to chat with everybody here. If they're that way inclined, they'll come - this should seem like a first port of call. But realistically, I'm here because I can learn as well as giving my suggestions.
I agree, and what those pro drummers dont need is a bunch of non pro's prying on them for everything but drumming conversations. Plus I rather not have them expose themselves on a personal level like a forum where people can get the wrong impression of them. Words can be so easily taken the wrong way or upset people. I dont like doing that to people. In fact I stopped posting on another site because something I said upset a few people and went into a direction that was not intended.

Its much kewl-er if we can meet some pro drummers somewhere in real life and have a conversation with them or maybe become aquaintences or friends even..

This is only my thoughts ok drummers?
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