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Originally Posted by archaic_sin
I'm posting this more out of boredom than anything, but I do feel I need to shed some light on the subject. So, here we go.

I grew up on Slipknot, and even today they still remain my favorite band. But even this fact doesn't dilute my feelings on what makes a good drummer. I've listened to a lot of different bands, and I've heard many drummers, and I can personally say I do not think Joey is the greatest drummer ever, nor do I think he's the greatest metal drummer ever.

I think a lot of his appeal comes from the fact that he is truly an amazing guy. He is one of those people that takes what he does seriously and he's constantly working to improve. He's only thirty one and he's managed to make a career as a drummer, and a very good drummer at that. He's also become a very big inspiration for a lot of the younger kids just getting into the drums (myself included) and I think this is why a lot of people despise him, and Slipknot.

The popularity of Slipknot really takes away from what he's done as a drummer, but if you take away Slipknot and you take away the fame, what you're left with is him as a drummer, as a musician. He's got a great style and he really feels for the music he makes behind the kit. He's still got a long career ahead of him and can only get better as time goes on (or worse as some drummers have shown us in the past). Again, I will say, he's not the best drummer, but he's definitly up there on the charts.

Plus, you got to remember, this guy not only plays drums, but he plays guitar, he plays bass, and he produces CDs. You can really respect him just for what he's accomplished, and what he's in the process of accomplishing. Maybe one day when his time is over, people will see that he really does possess a great talent and pure love for the drums and music in general.


And as for the subject of Shawn and Chris in Slipknot.

When the band first started out, they really wanted a whole overall audio assault with drums pounding from the front with Joey being a main support for the group in the back. The idea gradually changed over the years as Shawn and Chris picked up on back up vocals, but the overall effect when it's put on CD is really amazing. Shawn himself is an incredibly intelligent guy, maybe not when it comes to his personal health, but mentally, he's all there. If he wasn't in Slipknot, they really wouldn't be who they are today.


Well, I do believe I've spoken my mind....
Let this be a lesson in life.
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Yeah man i agree with you here.

I definately dont think that Joey is the best metal drummer, of course he isnt. However, joey, chris and clown both contribute to Slipknot, which is one of the biggest metal bands out there at the moment, so you cannot argue their talents.

I think the main reason people dish out Joey because he is in a nu metal band, or they are generally bias against metal. There are plenty of older drumers that are famous in history, theat are not that good. The reason they are popular though, is because they were the first ones to do what everyone does today. So why do they pay out Joey?

Like you said he puts full effort into his drums and Slipknot, and his contribution has helped put Slipknot where they are. He has great talent.
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