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Originally Posted by the skin man
I've heard some thrash drummers do some really impressive things with speed and power and precision and I sure wouldn't look down on any other drummer if they were unable to match it if they were good in lots of other ways. I wonder if that's why so many people keep on looking at the Joey Jordinson page on this site - he's like some kind of athlete in that way - I'm not sure, I haven't listened to him. I'd bet Weckl could do all that stuff though. For him it's probably like "well, I just wanted to be able to play with a certain amount of accuracy, with a certain amount of speed, I just wanted to have it in case I need it." That's what he said once in a clinic I saw. Basically, he said he doesn't need all that speed all that often and he demonstrated a bunch of really amazing stuff that didn't hardly use any speed at all and just sounded great, but he likes to have it knowing he can play with a huge amount of speed if he needs to.
I dont know if Weckle can or not. Those guys have very fast feet and even faster hands. All that speed stuff is a whole other animal.
The way you see Neil is the way alot of people see Lars Ulrich. Im not a Lars fan, but people talk alot of crap about him now. 15 to 20 years ago Lars was at the top of his game and was one of the top guys if not the top guy looked at in his style. Now guys have passed him in ability, technique or whatever. And it seems as though he does not get the credit for his playing ability that made us know who he is in the first place. As w/Neil, Im sure the guys that are considered better than Lars were influenced by him.

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