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If Vinnie or Weckle cant hold a candle to a speed metal drummer ( not my favorite ) would you look down on them?
I've heard some thrash drummers do some really impressive things with speed and power and precision and I sure wouldn't look down on any other drummer if they were unable to match it if they were good in lots of other ways. I wonder if that's why so many people keep on looking at the Joey Jordinson page on this site - he's like some kind of athlete in that way - I'm not sure, I haven't listened to him. I'd bet Weckl could do all that stuff though. For him it's probably like "well, I just wanted to be able to play with a certain amount of accuracy, with a certain amount of speed, I just wanted to have it in case I need it." That's what he said once in a clinic I saw. Basically, he said he doesn't need all that speed all that often and he demonstrated a bunch of really amazing stuff that didn't hardly use any speed at all and just sounded great, but he likes to have it knowing he can play with a huge amount of speed if he needs to.
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