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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by HerbyJr
Hi Steve.


--->> I just found out a little bit of info on these heads. I guess they weren't produced for a very long period of time????

STEVE - Take a look at some of my Motley Collection. You'll probably find it pretty interesting. Maybe you'll recognize a few pieces and be able to tell me some stories about the stuff.
Hey dude,
The Tommy's Aquarian heads had been sold on the market for a few years, but about 2 years ago they stopped production on them. Probably due to poor sales or somthing? It's hard to sell anything with someone's name on it to anyone who isn't a fan.
Tommy changed to Remo anyway because they could make heads in any size he wanted.

I could have some facts wrong, make Steve can help a bit more.
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