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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone!

Name: Matt
Age : 29
How long have you been drumming: about a year and a half
Origin of username: My uncles called me ruckus when I was younger...I was always banging on stuff making a ruckus!! I added the king part!
Top 5 drummers: Buddy Rich, Lars Ulrich, Travis Barker, Dennis Chambers, Ian Paice, I could go on and on!!
Make of kit: Not sure about my acoustics(see my Here are my kits - Take 2 thread) But they are old and they ROCK! I also have a Roland TD-6V tour kit we record with! The Rolands are awesome and totally adjustable, but they are not quite the same as the real deal.
Make of Cymbals: I Have Paiste 802's 20"ride,16" heavy crash, 14' hats. Then I also have a 18"old Ziljian crash/ride, a 12" Wuhan china, and a 10" Wuhan splash.
Where do you practice: My garage, my living room, and our guitarist has the studio in his basement!
In a band: Yes, The Bungalow Junkies
Style of music: Rock/Garage/alternative/and occasional blues-funk
Covers or originals: Mostly originals, some covers
Favorite take out: Pizza, from Guiseppi's in Caseville
Country: USA
How did you start playing: It was a life long dream of mine my parents would never let me realize!! The rest just fell into place!!
One odd fact about myself: I have an uncontrolable foot fetish!
The Bungalow Junkies "Play it till ya hate it"