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Originally Posted by Tim Waterson
This is the part that confuses drummers.
YES My HEEL is making the stroke.
when I slide past the footplate the upper part of my heel still makes contact.
when I do my WFD doubles the heels are controlling the strokes and the toes just remain stationary.
At the begiining of the clip I am rocking me heel and toe in a constant release style similar to Steve Smith although Steve Smith goes Toe first and then heel.
Freddie told me and he was very adament about Steve doing it that way?
Whatever works..
Hope this explains the confusion.
God Bless
Okay... that does clear up the confusion. It feels "officially" cleared up now that you've said it!

Throughout my practice routine today, I've been finding that the upper part of my heel makes contact as well... as my toes stay stationary. And it also seems to be the constant release style. There does seem to be a few different interpretations as to the mechanics, but I'm quite sure I'm on the right path. The toes thing seems to be the real key. Maybe I can post a vid soon and you can take a look?

But keep up the great work and thanks again for your generosity...

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