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Originally Posted by the skin man
I think to a certain degree you're right on that one. So when people say "Neil Peart is the greatest rock drummer of all time" that has a lot more plausibility than the idea that he is the greatest drummer of all time. What if someone stuck the brain of Chad Wackerman in the body of Neil Peart and had him play in Rush? People might say that the drumming became more complex, but they might also say it didn't fit as well. And there are similiar things in jazz. For example, for example a lot of people say that Dave Weckl's swing feel is the weakest aspect of his playing.
True on the Wackerman idea. But you need to keep in mind the OTHER people in the band. You dont want to play just because you can. In Spirit of Radio the intro Alex does a riff over and over while Neil and Geddy match each other note for note. They play together for the benefit of the song not the benefit of their instrument. To play complex drums you need ( or should ) to play in a complex band so its not all about you.

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