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Originally Posted by the skin man
Maybe I should change what I said in the first thing I posted. I said I thought 1 in 5 Berklee grads could do everything that Neil Peart could do. I wouldn't be a bit surprized if that many really can play all the stuff that he plays, but I also wouldn't be a bit surprized if they aren't nearly as good at actually coming up with the stuff in the first place. So in that sense they can't do all that he can do because coming up with it in the first place is something that he does. I don't know much about the history of drumming, but again, I'm skeptical when people say that he did stuff in the ' 70's that nobody had done before. A fair amount of what I've heard doesn't sound all that more amazing than things big band drummers did a long time before and didn't Billy Cobham do a bunch of similiar amazing stuff in the ' 70's? Again, big band jazz and what Billy Cobham was doing are not rock, so there is a difference. And I like I said, I can't claim to know a huge amount about the history and development of all that stuff.
Like I said earlier. Compare style w/style. You can't compare Bellson to Grohl. So why compare Big band w/ progressive rock or rock. Cobham did some very cool stuff in the 70. He was was one of the first guys to do a double bass shuffle through a song. But then many years later Alex Van Halen did the same w/ Hot for Teacher. Would you tell any hard, hard rock double bass wizard hes not good because he does not, or can not, play jazz or big band? I think Im going in circles w/this. There are drummers that can do it all. And some that cant, but are Amazing at the style they prefer. If Vinnie or Weckle cant hold a candle to a speed metal drummer ( not my favorite ) would you look down on them?

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