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Originally Posted by the skin man
No, in fact, I think that it what makes some drummers really good: they know when to keep things simple or they are able to do something that is different, but still simple. My point is that a huge amount of what Neil Peart does is basic or at least basic for someone who has gone to music school and when he does do stuff that is not basic, it is not something that is totally beyond the reach of large number of other professional drummers. Maybe I shouldn't type this stuff because DogBreath is going to start barking at me again, but my point is not that he is not a great drummer. I think he is a great drummer. But when people place him on some higher plane, write things like "NEIL PEART IS GOD", or say that he is the greatest player in the entire history of the instrument, then they really are distorting the history of the drums and the current state of affairs in drumming. For what it's worth, I don't think anyone said that on this thread: "he is the greatest drummer of all time". But I have heard many people say that and I'm surprized that so many do.
First off let me say I am not saying you are wrong in your opinion. Im trying to understand where you are coming from. Neil was popular in the mid to late 70's and was doing different, interesting and challenging stuff before anybody knew who Weckle, Coliauta or Chambers was. Just because they may have surpassed him in one way shape or form does not mean his is not good at what he does. And if you ask alot of people that you would call better than Neil, I bet Neil was part of their influence while learning to play. And "God", "Greatest ever" and that is all a matter of opinion.
I will always say that Bissonette is my "favorite" because to me, to say he is the best that ever walked the planet is a slap in the face to every incredible drummer out there.
I have stated that many drummers have faster feet, hands and more extreme four way independance than Gregg but thats not the most important thing.

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