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[quote=the skin man]I'd say just about every aspect of drumming, but maybe Jack DeJohnette and Adam Nussbaum may not be as good when it comes to some aspects of rock. Here's another thing: it might be the case if you took everything that Neil Peart has done and subtract the stuff with odd time, double bass, the solos, and the times when he's really pushing his chops to the limit, then the vast majority of his playing would remain and we would be left with is stuff that we would expect every drummer who has finished music school to be able to do - not something expected of an amazingly talented individual. Of course, that doesn't mean they would have the creativity or overall musical sense to come up with it in the first place. Feel free to jump on me if you think I'm wrong, but I do get the sense that that is probably the case.[/quote

READ what you just said. You just said in Neils playing he has alot that makes him different than the average drummer. But take it away and he is basic. Thats like saying
take away everything that made Buddy, Buddy and hes just another drummer. That could be true, but why discredit anyone for what makes them, them. With all the drummers out their, if you have to, you should compare rock to rock, jazz to jazz or funk to funk. Just because drummer A is skilled in one or more styles than drummer B does not mean that drummer B is not a good drummer.

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