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Originally Posted by bonham990
Any one have tips on his triplet fills in stairway to heaven?
I've been working on my trips between hand and feet (where the first is in the left or right and the last two are in the bass drum), and I haven't found any great secret yet. I'm also not very consistent with pulling them out until they get going. I need to keep working on them and do as part of my daily warmup.

I did find that playing the bass with my the ball of foot (as opposed to flat footed) works best and the attack being made using the foot moving like a pendulum from the ankle as well as a little leg movement up and down. It also seems like using the rebound from the drum head helps, so keeping the foot and leg firm but relaxed (like we do our hands when playing the snare) makes a difference. Also making sure that the beater comes up while the hand is playing the first of the triplet articulations helps tremendously and is ready for it's attack. The beater's readiness can be assisted by using the rebound as much as possible when a string of bass notes are being played. When I started this effort of improving my bass, I noticed that I was leaving the beater on the head of the drum and not raising it in time to make its first attack (oddly, this was never a problem when I was just playing singles between the bass and hands - it only krept up when I went to a single in the right or left and a double in the bass drum).

This is one technique I really want. For me, it's hard to play any of Bonham's ideas true to form without the bass drum integrated and coordinated into my playing and working as well as another hand. I think that my hands (like everyone's) are more naturally coordinated together and to get them to work in sync with either of my feet is simply going to take some work. Integrating the HH as another voice and having it as smooth and readily available as any hand would be is another project I have in my mind to be working on soon.

Anyone else have some ideas on this topic?
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