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Heres a couple of recomendations I have from my collection of about 35 dvd and videos...

Accelerate Your Drumming by Larry Finn
To me this is a very underrated dvd...It covers advanced rock, funk and latin grooves and gives some nice ideas for fills...I would recommend it for intermediate to semi-advanced players or someone like me who took some off and wanted a refresher course...

Its kinda of in the Tommy Igoe mold except a little better to me as I got bored with Igoe's simplicity...however if you got some chops going already the Igoe play-along book is really cool - you get to practice to many styles and work on your weaknesses...

Shed Some Light by Steve Holmes
Another underrated durmmer who clones himself out of the Weckl and Vinnie mold...I like this video alot just for ideas in watching him solo...He also demonstartes a real cool Tony Williams type flam lick that I like working on and phrasing in fives ala Steve Smith....If you can find it its worth buying...

Sticking Time, Linear Time, Rhythm and Meter by Gary Chaffee
Hard to find video that explains Gary's concepts from his patterns series books...Explains how to approach timekeeping in a linear approach and paradiddle variation type sticking feels...A good teaser but would be better if you have his books....I wish there was some band performances...

Brazilian & Afro-Cuban Drumset by Maria Martinez
A basic 2 dvd set mostly for someone just getting into latin grooves...I got it because I really only played samba and I wanted a breakdown of the basic grooves, terminology, and understanding the clave...Her playing is very simplistic so don't expect El Negro licks....however it is a good starting point for someone who wants to diversify their playing...

Theres a few as I tried to breakdown some that have not been discussed....I have alot more -some good and some bad so maybe I'll post some later...
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