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Originally Posted by baddrumming
Could someone please post a reply to this problem.

As many of you are probably aware there have been some video clips supplied by a drum tutor from pittsburg US concerning the Heel toe method. This is a technique i thought could improve my double stoke rolls so i set about to learn it. After a few days of practise messing around i felt comfortable with this technique at speeds of 185bpm +. However this on my electronic kit! when it comes to converting this technique to my friends acoustic kit the second stroke of the double is a lot quieter than the first hence an uneven double stroke bass drum roll. How is possible to execute an even sounding roll on the bass drum of an acoustic kit?? The Method heel toe suggests that the heel stroke is obviously more powerful than the toe stroke. This is fine on an electronic kit as the quieter sounds can also be registered and sound the same as the Heel stroke. Can Someone please share some advice towards creating an even roll on an acoustic kit. I use an IRON COBRA Double pedal by the way. THANX
Just let the heel drop you dont need to slam it and roll the toes forward by raising the heel and the volume will even itself out.
Takes practice to get it even but go SLOW..
Good luck and God Bless
God Bless
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