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Default Re: Booted out of band, advice needed

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I've been right where you are, with the exception that I didn't have the option to come back on Fridays. Best band I'd ever been in, great guys. But I was moving to another state due to work and I simply couldn't stay.

We booked a great going-away gig for me at the same place we played our first gig back in the day, packed the place with fans and friends, and played every song in our set. We then adjourned to a pub across the street and partied until closing time. It was a brilliant conclusion to my tenure with that band.

Fast forward ten years and I'm in three different bands in a new town, very entrenched in the music scene over here. Life goes on. Keep your gear, keep practicing, and keep your options open. There will be some sort of opportunity.
Funny enough, after basically telling me I'm useless the guitarist asked me to play their last show at the end of the month and said we are going to have a mad party after but I told him it would be too painful knowing I'm being shown the door straight after. I really musically "gelled" with these guys and that has been the only time in 20 plus years of playing that I can truly say that.
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