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Default Booted out of band, advice needed

Hi guys,

Due to the nature of my work I'm being forced to move away from home for work but this has come at the cost of my beloved band. I explained to them that I have the option to work Monday to Thursday only which means I can be home every Friday afternoon and have most every weekend free for rehearsals and gigs etc but it's not enough apparently and the guitarist says we are not a"weekend band". I have been with these guys for over 2 years now and I feel so gutted and don't know where to turn. I've already been told there are no local bands where I'm moving to and almost zero music scene, plus I'm going to be working during the week and home to the other half at weekends so not possible to form a group out there.

Considering just selling off all my gear and knocking the music thing in the head as I can't see any better option.

Any ideas guys?
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