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Originally Posted by Tone Laborer View Post
I read/saw an interview where JP was saying he was growing frustrated trying to nail "Reeling in the Years." He took a break, saying they'd be better off with another drummer. Fagen and Becker came after him and convinced him to give it another try. He came back and got the track on the next take, or something to that effect.

It's a practice track of mine and one that certainly exceeds my abilities. The BD is mixed low and it's hard to distinguish exactly what's going on. Sometime it sounds like a 1 and 3 pattern, other times more of a dotted quarter-- eighth gallop thing. It also seems to straighten out somewhat on the chorus.

Can anyone give me any insight into this track?
Yep, I can help you on that.

There's two distinct bass drum variations in this song, all based on broken up 1/8 note triplets. A single complete 1/8 note triplet has 3 'partials': the '1', the 'trip' and the 'let'. So a full bar of 1/8 triplets would be:

1-trip-let 2-trip-let 3-trip-let 4-trip-let

When I say 'broken up' it simply means each triplet has one or more of any of those partials omitted to create syncopated triplet rhythms.

The instrumental and chorus sections bass drum pattern is 1(trip)let (snare) 3(trip)let (snare), where the middle partial 'trip' is omitted.

All vocal verses, the bass drum pattern is just the very last partial of each and EVERY triplet per measure, starting and ending on the 'let' of beat 2. So they're all pushed bass drum strokes on the vocal sections.

(1 trip)let (2 trip)let (3 trip)let (4 trip)let

Hope that makes sense. :)
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